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Culture Shock 2022: In Photos

By Jordan Meiland

J.I. headlining day 2. Photo by Leah Diel.

Culture Shock 2022 took place last Friday and Saturday in The Stood, attracting scores of students. Despite poor weather forcing the event indoors and two fire alarms going off during the events of the first day, it was still a success as large amounts of students showed up to see artists of all genres.

Photographers Leah Diel, Eli Barnes, and Jordan Meiland covered the events of the evening both at the main stage and at the side stage in Whitsons. PLEASE CREDIT THE PHOTOGRAPHER IF YOU USE ANY OF THEIR IMAGES.

Day 1 WPSR Side Stage

All photos by Jordan Meiland

Photos 1-5: Purchase Comedy Club.

Photos 6-9: Untitled Noise Night.

Photos 10-12: Adrian Acosta.

Photos 13-16: Ja'a

Photos 17-21: Doren

Photos 22-26: On Pink

Day 1 Main Stage

All photos by Leah Diel

Photos 1+2: Lip Critic

Photos 3-6: Malaya

Photos 7+8: KeiyaA

Photos 9-12: Princess Nokia

Day 2 WPSR Side Stage

All photos by Jordan Meiland

Photos 1+2: PTV


Photos 7-10: The Mops

Photos 11-15: Mac Anderson

Photos 16-20: Rada Rada

Photos 21-25: Vanessa Camacho

Photos 26-29: Dogs on Shady Lane

Day 2 Main Stage

Photos 1-5: Father Koi (by Jordan Meiland)

Photos 6-9: Vibe World Order (by Leah Diel)

Photos 10-13: Laura Elliot ft. On Pink (by Leah Diel)

Photos 14-17: Soul Glo (by Eli Barnes)

Photos 18-23: Imperial Triumphant (by Eli Barnes)

Photos 24-26: Rae Khalil (by Leah Diel)

Photos 27-29: J.I. (by Leah Diel)


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