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Finding a Community: Purchase’s Spring Semester Club Fair

Updated: Feb 23

By: Belle Martinelli

The sun was shining as students filtered in and out of the Stood for this spring’s annual club fair. Clubs old and new set up tables, handed out goodies, and chatted with students. Many students could be spotted carrying around a pride flag, courtesy of the LGBTQU’s wide array to choose from.

President Alex Lewack (left) and Secretary Zora Elio Santana Hernandez (right) of LGBTQU handing out flags to students (photo by Belle Martinelli)

Neurodiversity Visibility Club, formerly known as Autism Acceptance Club, was present as well. Last spring semester was their first time at the club fair and the start-up of their club, which was a “passion project” of former student Aaron Freedman and sophomore and President Sammie Terping.

Terping (left) along with members Gabriel Berger (middle) and Lavender Bloom (right) (photo by Belle Martinelli)

The club fair, as usual, had every sort of club you could think of. Planned Parenthood was stocked full of condoms and safe sex advice, Fencing Club brought equipment to show off and OAPIA brought the party, blasting music and dancing around.

From left to right, OAPIA members Ramata Diallo, Daniel Griffith and Queen Stewart (photo by Belle Martinelli)

This semester’s club fair brought not only the club's Purchase students know and love but also revived an old favorite. Purchase Photo Club is back up and running, thanks to a couple of eager and passionate photo seniors.

“We’re kind of reinstating it,” says senior Izzy Levy. “It used to exist and then we found out that it used to exist, and we wanted to make it a thing again."

Photo Club’s saviors, from left to right, Ruby Liu, Izzy Levy, and Josue Mendoza (photo by Belle Martinelli)

“It’s funny, we’re new so we’re kind of like ‘What are our plans?’ says Josue Mendoza, senior and President of Photo Club. Their main focus is to create a photo community at Purchase, where students look for support if they need headshots, an event covered, or just really love photography.

This spring’s club fair was also a first for Purchase Poetry, a club that is trying to find its footing in the fabric of the Purchase community and in the hearts of all poets and literature connoisseurs.

“It’s the first poetry-specific club on campus,” says senior Cephie Howell. “We’re trying to get it off the ground, and we’re hoping that people are as excited about it as we are!”

Members will come together to share their own poems and workshop them together. Poetry lovers, keep an eye out because they’re also planning on hosting open mic nights to share their poetry in front of an audience.

Howell (left) and Blake Conigleo (right) (photo by Belle Martinelli)

Students can find a complete list of clubs on the Purchase College website, with a wide array of social, religious, and academic varieties to choose from. There is a club and a community for every student here at Purchase.



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