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Florence Time, Distance and Waiting: Photos From Abroad

By: Alyssa Monte

I am currently studying abroad in Florence, Italy for the semester. Before arriving here in September, I had never left the United States.

I am developing a project that focuses on the relationship between time, distance, and waiting--as these are concepts that have been occupying my mind for quite some time. My work explores Postmodern understandings and treatments of temporality.

How do we--as individuals in a fast-paced, highly commercialized, and highly demanding cultural climate--approach time? How does our overwhelming desire to be elsewhere prevent us from experiencing the present?

For such reasons, I chose to have this series take place in liminal spaces, and, more specifically, in airports, train stations, and on public transportation. These spaces elicit feelings of excitement while simultaneously conjuring up feelings of loss or abrupt change.

While this series is a personal narrative, it is nonetheless interested in our universal and collective experiences of coming and going.

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