Halloween 2020: The One During a Pandemic

by Leah Dwyer and BingQin Tang

Name: Nahiem Paris Major: Theatre performance and Arts Management Year: Freshman

“I wanted to get creative this Halloween, and I thought this was a pretty cool costume when I saw it on a social media platform. I told my best friend Chloe about it and then she bought it for me as a birthday gift,” said Paris

Name: Sarah Verrelli Major: Arts Management Year: Sophomore

“My costume is a dark angel. Very basic but it had to be work appropriate,” said Verelli.

Name: Kendra L. Canavan Major: Arts Management Year: Junior

“I decided to be Coraline Jones because I love claymations," said Canavan. "Coraline is one of the bravest female characters for young girls and I always looked up to her when I was younger."

Name: Jay Maher Major: Playwriting and Screenwriting Year: Freshman

“Tom Holland’s stunt double celebrating Halloween,” said Maher.

Name: Sydney Dudley Major: Art history and History Year: Junior

“I dressed as Daria from Daria because it’s one of my favorite shows!" said Dudley. "I thrifted the green shirt and I already had the rest of my costume in my wardrobe!”

Name: Vincent Granata Major: Theatre and Performance Year: Junior

“It’s Superman," said Granata. "I have some under armor shirts and a cape from an older costume I made and boom! Happy Halloween!”

Name: Emily Dziak Major: Theater and Performance Year: Sophomore

“I came up with the idea of going as ghost rider at 1 a.m., two days before Halloween," said Dziak. "I spent the entire night before Halloween frantically taping the paper flames on with a determination to show up Nicolas Cage.”

Name: Jenna Donnelly Major: Cinema Studies Year: Sophomore

“I dressed up as Robert Pattinson standing awkwardly in his kitchen and had a small get together with friends,” said Donelly.

(Far Right) Name: Isabel Biagiotti (far right) Major: Literature and Theatre Year: Junior

“I decided to be a boxer because I actually box," said Biagiotti. "I decided to be Rocky, specifically, because I’m half Italian.”

(Left) Name: Gabriella castles (left) Major: Political Science Year: Senior Name: Madeline Mecca (right) Major: Communications Year: Senior

“We were spring breakers because we love that movie,” said Mecca.

Name: Jordan Gibberman Major: Journalism Year: Junior

“I am representing John Cena," said Gibberman. "He is a famous wrestler and he is a cool guy.”

Name: Danny Lee Major: Playwriting and Screenwriting Year: Senior

“I am a Kpop star study aboard in the US, I am trying to hide my identity,” said Lee.

Name: Alex Belyaninov Major: History Year: Junior

“I am a boss of the mafia but I am not the boss,” said Belyaniov.

Name: BingQian Tang Major: Mathematics/Computer Science and New Media Year: Freshman

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