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Hear Ye, Hear Ye: A Look into Purchase College Renaissance Faire Swords and Style

The rain didn't stop Purchase College students from traveling back in time with their Renaissance Faire fashion.

Photo Story by Elizabeth "Liz" Baldino

This past weekend, Purchase students got a free ride to the New York Renaissance Fair; so we put on our best outfits and headed up to Tuxedo, NY.

People dressed as monks, knights, fairies and pirates lined the sprawling market places and taverns; and quite a few of them were Purchase students. Here were some of the best looks and the inspiration behind them.

The medieval backdrop of the Renaissance Faire helped Purchase College students get into character.

Rebecca Moore kept it simple and pulled from clothes she already had.

“I had stuff from Culture Shock that I'm reusing,” she said. “I wanted a long skirt but I only had a short skirt so I just took what I had that I felt was Rennisance-ey and put it together”

Charlotte Walton had a much more specific inspiration for their look.

“Honestly, my inspiration was Fiona from Shrek,” they explained. “I saw this and I was gonna get it in red, then I was like ‘I think it should be green’ because Fiona from Shrek”

Emily Schneider got the chance to explore a style she’s always loved.

“I love goth fashion so much and I think this is always how I wanted to dress,” she said. “I finally have the place to do it so I’m very excited”

Laila Polito took the opportunity to represent something they love.

“I like Legend of Zelda, that’s about it! I like green and felt it was a vibe,” said Polito

Meilani Nelson, our PSGA president, turned to social media for some ideas.

“Pinterest was my inspiration for my outfit today,” Nelson said.

Sedajah Lancestewart put in the work, and research, for her outfit.

“I would say I was just thinking about old movies and TV shows where they were going to the Renaissance era and then I just searched Renaissance era clothing and this is what came up,” she told me.

Despite the rainy day, the Renaissance Fair was like the perfect Dungeons and Dragons session come to life. Students trudged through the rain to get to stunt shows and enjoyed their turkey legs under umbrellas, but the energy was still high. At the end of the day we all hopped into the warm bus and took a sleepy ride back to school.



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