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Hub Construction, Broadview Take Center Stage at Journalism Town Hall

By Diana Gilday

Seating at The Hub is currently limited due to ongoing construction. (Photo by Victoria Fennell)

Questions about ongoing changes to the Hub dominated last week’s journalism town hall, which also featured discussions about planned senior living center Broadview and an update from the University Police Chief.

The town hall was held by the journalism department on Wednesday Jan. 29, with members of the Purchase College administration and faculty ready to address student concerns. Among those there were Interim President Dennis Craig, University Police Chief Dayton Tucker, and the Director of Dining Ian Mungo.

With Einstein Bros. Bagels opening, the Hub being under reconstruction, and changing hours in dining establishments, there was a lot to discuss in regards to dining, but the biggest question was why the Hub is being renovated in the first place.

Director of Dining, Ian Mungo, said that the Hub was long due for an update. The renovations will help with the traffic flow, making all items more visible, while also making new paths to popular items, such as the pizza and sandwiches. Another change that will be highly featured is a make your own salad and broth bar, as a response to student desire to have healthier options on campus.

Broadview, the planned senior living home being built on campus on the East-West road, was another main topic of discussion. Broadview, according to Interim President Dennis Craig, will be opened in the next two and a half years and will be a place for affluent elderly to expand their knowledge and keep their minds fresh.

The biggest concern regarding Broadview however, is the interaction between students and the senior citizens. Interim President Craig says that although there will be a separation between the two groups, with facilities open only to the residents, it is encouraged for the two to interact in public areas, such as Starbucks and select areas within Broadview, such as their dining hall.

An individual who had a lot of questions directed towards him was Chief of University Police, Dayton Tucker. One question was about why, on Friday and Saturday nights, is UPD checking IDs at the entrance to the school.

Tucker said that the reasoning behind this was to prevent burglaries which, in years past, was a huge issue on campus. By only letting those who have a Purchase ID or a guest pass on campus, the burglary rate has gone significantly down.

Another issue Tucker addressed was active shooting drills. These shooting drills are run once a semester, but on request, an officer can come to give a presentation on what to do in a shooting situation. The UPD is also working towards addressing areas where doors cannot lock and switch from keys to electronic swipe cards, in an effort to make buildings more secure.



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