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Issue 17 Corrections and Clarifications

By Jordan Meiland

There were a few errors in the latest issue of The Beat (Issue 17). Additionally, we would like to make a clarification.


* In the cover story ("Shock Back to Life") we misstated the budget for the annual event. It is $150,500, and not "north of $400,000." * In the article "Rare Metal," we misstated the nationality of the brothers Mik and Karl Grendze. They are Latvian-American, not Lithuanian-American. * In the Critic's Notebook headlined "Spotify: A Musician's and Fan's Best Friend," an editor's notes were left in the third paragraph, which begins, ​"Thanks to these platforms, it's now easier than ever to find the music you love." That paragraph should end with the following sentence. "And if you can't find an artist on a larger serve, there's a good chance you can find them somewhere online."

CLARIFICATION * In the Culture Shock article, it was misstated that there would be rides on the Great Lawn. This is now not the case. The rides are in the parking lot near Admissions/behind The Stood. The Beat regrets these errors and welcomes the chance to make all necessary corrections and clarifications. You may reach email Prof. Andrew Salomon at



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