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Learning the Ins and Outs of LinkedIn

By: Kassidy Bowering

Screengrab from the recorded upload via YouTube. (Picture by: Kassidy Bowering)

As the job market switches to the online world, it is becoming increasingly more relevant to update and perfect your LinkedIn profile. Your profile is your first line of offense in this new fast-paced job market, so these tips and tricks are sure to help navigate the chaos that is the current job market. According to Chaim Shapiro, a LinkedIn Consultant, here are some easy but effective tips and tricks to help out your job search.

  • Perfect Profile Picture: Right now “all the cool kids of LinkedIn,” are using business casual headshots, with grey backgrounds and off-center head placement.

  • Filling in Your Headline: This is your real estate, so don’t sell yourself short! Put your best elevator pitch for yourself here, accounting for all that you are, and all you aspire to be.

  • How Much Contact Info?: Including your phone number and birthday can help with engagement, and improve your profile’s overall caliber. Be sure to not include the year of your birth, and understand there is always a risk with putting this information out there.

  • What to Include in Your Featured Section: For artists, this is a great way to showcase your work. Include links to professional posts, articles, or media you’ve created. Previous letters of recommendation, as well as any other visually attractive works, should go here.

  • What Skill to List: When deciding on what skills to include look at your dream company’s LinkedIn Profile. Once on their page, you can go to their “People” section, and scroll over to “What they are skilled at.” You will want to use as many as those top-rated skills as you can, aligning yourself with the world you want to be in. Never lie about your skills though!

For more tips and tricks from Shapiro watch the recorded webinar on the PurchaseCDC YouTube page, link below!



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