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Pancakes, Madness and Finals

By Juan Orozco

Administration, faculty, and staff volunteer to pass out food for Pancake Madness. (Photo by Juan Orozco)

Pancake Madness occurred Thursday, Nov. 7 at Purchase’s Dining Hall (D-Hall). This event brought many people together who hungered for pancakes and breakfast foods.

Many of the students who attended felt like this event was done nicely for the students. “It's a fun concept. Loud, but free food,” said freshman theater and design major Ian Pivovar. “Right before finals is ideal because it gives a little distraction from worrying about the whole mess of things next week.”

“I had some friends who I hadn't really gotten to see that much over the semester," said junior political science major Starllie Swonyoung. "I was already on campus studying for finals. I hadn't gotten a chance to eat dinner and I decided to go with them because I got to hang out with them and get some pancakes.”

This event comes at a good time for students who want to enjoy some nice food at 10 P.M. and students who want to not worry a lot about upcoming finals. Sophomore Cruz Perez said, “It was pretty cool. Like they had doughnuts and stuff. They've had pancakes. You could get a lot of toppings on it. It was cool.”

However many students had thoughts about the event not being helpful with destressing before finals. “It's not distressing at all. There's too many people," said Perez. "There’s an abundance of people.”

“I didn't know exactly what to expect going into it because I had seen some videos and some photos of the previous pancake madnesses and I had a feeling it was going to be a pretty overwhelming and intense event. I was correct in my assumptions," said Swonyoung. "Actually being there was still different to actually have that experience in person, and I would absolutely not have gone at all because knowing that, it was not a really enticing thing for me."

"I think the idea of an incredibly packed crowd of people late at night, having D-Hall pancakes and being thrown T-shirts didn't sound like my idea of a good Thursday night," Swonyoung continued. "Especially during finals week when I'm trying to finish all my work.”

While it was an event many people attended the line going into it was long and winding. Swonyoung said, “The line going into it. Whoa! I was thinking, I was not going to go in there. Just continuing to see the line stretch out to Outback I was worried I was gonna be trampled like in the Black Friday things.”

Students line up outside the dining hall for Pancake Madness. (Photo by Starllie Swonyoung)

However as the semester starts to come to an end many people are stressing over the schoolwork that is amounting to, and the nature of this event was for the well-being of its

students. Even with the abundance of people and foods that may not be the healthiest, Pancake Madness was a place for students to feel good. Swonyoung said, “I'm glad I got to be with my friends. And I'm glad that I had that experience. So I can say I have gone to Pancake Madness and I would say the name is very apt.”



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