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Purchase Anthem Competition Delayed, Professor asks Student Body for Help

By Jordan Meiland

The image that accompanied an email about the competition. Courtesy of Purchase College.

After receiving just three entries, the Purchase Anthem Competition is being delayed until Fall 2020.

In an interview, Matthew Immergut, an Associate Professor of Sociology and member of the Anthem Committee, reveals how there “wasn’t enough promotion and there wasn’t enough buzz” about the competition, resulting in few people participating.

“I’ve been thinking about it for years,” Immergut said. “I think it’d be a great way to pull the community together and showcase talent, not just in the music department, but across the school.”

The competition was announced, via email, in December last year. It was also mentioned in the Student Life Newsletter a week after its initial announcement.

On Valentine’s day, members of the committee voted unanimously to delay the competition. Now, the competition will re-open in Fall 2020 and the final competition will be in Spring 2021.

Until then, Immergut is asking the student body for their help.

“We want more students on the committee,” Immergut said. “We only have two students on the committee right now and we’d love four students, we’d love five students, because it’s really for them. We really need help from students to get the word out.”

If you are a student interested in being on the committee for the Purchase Anthem, please contact Professor Immergut at or see him in person.



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