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Students Bring Life to Recycled Textiles in Art Class Projects

By Sierra Petro

Textiles received new lives in Purchase's Make, Mix, Move class yesterday morning as students presented their radical mending projects. Fabric scraps sorted last class from recycling company Fabscrap were transformed into either an original work of art or used to make a repair.

Below are the projects that students presented in Professor Janine Polak's class.

Bra fruit basket made by Lilly Steers.

Out, in pants by C.J. Nolan.

Stripe shirt with patches by Ramirez William.

White shirt with zipper and socks by Eden Russo.

Jeans with black flower fabric stitched on upper thigh by Brianna Vitiello and boxer-shorts messenger bag by Oliver Vestal.

Large t-shirt transformed into a messenger bag by Sarah Shibah.

Black net strips by Mola.

Long piece of stitched material with blue tail by Bianca Torres.

Curious about where the students found the fabric scraps used in their projects? Check out last week's article that showed students sorting FabScrap's recycled fabrics.


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