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The Stood's Surprise Show

By Belle Martinelli

GRECCO gracing the main stage (photo via @greccogram on Instagram)

Purchase students gathered in the Stood Monday night for the marketed “surprise show,” which included the voices of students Brady Dorrington and Mildly Allergic, and outside band GRECCO.

Brady Dorrington, a freshman studio composition major, was accompanied by Marley Simon on bass and Ryan Shea on drums. He played a six-set show, including original songs such as “From Time to Time” and “No Bother,” and popular covers like “Brazil” by Declan McKenna.

He closed the show out with the coveted crowd champion “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey.

“This one is for all the Lana girlies!” said Dorrington, as he played the infamous closer from his previous show at the Stood, less than a month beforehand.

“I loved it,” says freshman art history major Emily McFarland. “I was in the perfect mood to hear some Lana Del Rey; it just felt like someone finally understood me!”

Dorrington graced the main stage in the Stood for the first time ever. The month previous was his first concert at Purchase, playing in Whitsons, a side stage room in the Stood.

“I actually like Whitson’s more,” says Dorrington, “because it is a more intimate setting.”

For Dorrington, moving from the small room to the big stage was a daunting task. Luckily, he was not playing the main stage alone. He was joined by the bands Mildly Allergic and GRECCO.

Elliot Nemac (left) and Ryan Shea (right) of Mildly Allergic (photo via @mildlyallergic on Instagram)

Mildly Allergic is a Purchase band, blending together the talents of Elliot Nemac on bass, Aidan Cahill on drums, and Ryan Shea, who played drums for Dorrington’s set, on guitar and vocals.

While students and Stood goers are familiar with Dorrington and Mildly Allergic, the band GRECCO made their Purchase debut that night. Originating in the Hauppauge/Smithtown area, GRECCO was brought to Purchase by their friend and manager, Purchase freshman Valentino Scotto Di Cesare.

“Playing there was so much fun,” says vocalist and guitar player Gianni Grecco, “and we really loved the vibe.”

GRECCO’s set featured Michael Bryan on guitar and vocals, Frank Hufnagel on bass, and Justin Duprez on drums. All members went to high school together, thus forming their band. None of the members are actual Purchase students, however they did enjoy the campus atmosphere.

GRECCO gracing the main stage (photo via @greccogram on Instagram)

“The crowd was extraordinary,” says Grecco. “I genuinely don’t think we’ll ever have a show like the one we had there, at least until we play there again.”

Luckily for the students who enjoyed the set, GRECCO is planning on returning to the Stood in the near future, according to Grecco.

Students sang, danced, and laughed with their friends in the crowd to the music.

“The music was really good to dance to,” says freshman psychology major Emma Arnaud. “It was just very well performed.”

Many took part in moshing in the center of the crowd, which is an extreme style of dance involving jumping and slamming into each other.

“Excellent vibes overall,” says freshman theater and performance major Jackson Sorice. “I moshed with a bunch of people in the center; it was so fun.”



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