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A Farewell From Beat Editor-In-Chief Jordan Meiland


I'm not sure if I've ever properly introduced myself. I'm Jordan. I'm the now former Editor-In-Chief of the Purchase Beat.

I started writing for The Beat in fall 2019 when I was an undeclared sophomore. I started out modestly, writing two pieces for our fall 2019 issue, Issue 14. They were a full-band interview with Purchase band Rattleshake and a review of Sheer Mag's album A Distant Call. Doing those two pieces and attending Beat meetings each week increased my love for journalism and were significant factors in my decision to major in journalism, which I made official right before winter break that semester.

The next semester, I did two feature-length pieces for Issue 15: a full-band interview with another Purchase band called Dumpster and an investigatory piece about DIY shows around campus and how they operate. Around mid-March, as the COVID-19 pandemic flared up in our area, I did a third piece, interviewing five musician friends about their experience being caught up in the start of a pandemic. A few weeks after the issue's release, I was asked by our faculty advisor, Prof. Salomon, to be the next Editor-In-Chief of The Beat, a request I accepted with happiness.

Of course, running The Beat while Purchase was still largely remote wasn't easy. But thanks to Marcia Hunt, Marshall Fine, and some other dedicated individuals, my first two semesters as EIC of the Beat saw the publication of Issue 16 of The Beat. And while it wasn't a flawless experience, I see it as a learning experience for how much goes into running a publication.

I'm confident when I say this past school year was my best with The Beat. I felt confident as EIC from my junior year experience. In addition, I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful staff throughout the year, especially in the spring for Issue 17, which I can't be more proud of all of them for. But unlike my previous semesters with The Beat, I also got to do a lot more in one area of reporting: live music.

I went to well over two dozen concerts on campus my last year at Purchase, often taking videos for The Beat's Instagram. At these concerts, I also took photos on my camera when possible, sharing them with artists afterwards so that they could use them however they liked. I met many great artists doing this and to this day, I still feel giddy whenever an artist uses a photo I've taken of them.

I love live music. I think the energy you feel at a concert is unique and fun in a way I can't quite describe. And at Purchase, live music is always a good time.

That's why I've decided to make my photo archive, containing photos of all the Purchase shows I've been to, public. You can view them here.

I'll miss Purchase. It's given me opportunities I never imagined I'd have. From being a student, EIC, writing tutor, and barista all at once to shooting Princess Nokia from the photo pit during Culture Shock (thanks to a good friend of mine, Mik Grendze), I'm grateful for all opportunities this school has given me.

This one most of all. Thank you Prof. Salomon, Prof. Cornachio, Prof. Fine, and everyone else that's helped this publication be what it is. And to our readers, thank you for all your support.


Jordan Meiland


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