Floor Caves in During Party in Olde

by Sasha Ray

The ceiling of the downstairs apartment. (Photo by Ben Verde)

An overpopulated party in a G Street apartment caused a ceiling to partially collapse on Friday night, sending drywall falling in the apartment below and the floor upstairs to warp and concave.

“I was in my room on my laptop and from about 12 to 12:30, and the ceiling was shaking,” said Sarah Alden, who lives in the downstairs apartment. Alden estimated that the upstairs residents had over 70 students crowded into the apartment above.

Overcrowded beyond capacity, the ceiling collapsed onto the floor of the downstairs apartment.

“At first I didn’t really care, because it always moves like that whenever the people upstairs have enough people up there, but it kept going,” said Alden. “It kept getting worse and worse until around 12:30, when it just climaxed and stopped. I heard a crash from the other room, so I went out to see what was up, and the ceiling was down. There were massive amounts of people just pouring out of the upstairs apartment too. Some of them tried to get in our room, so we had to lock the door to keep them out.”

All residents affected by the cave-in are uninjured, but concerned with where they will be housed for the remainder of the year, as both the upstairs and downstairs apartments are uninhabitable.

This is a developing story. Check back here for updates.

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