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Cover Show 2021

Updated: May 11, 2021

by Leah Dwyer

(Photo from the Purchase campus labs website:

Each year Purchase campus is treated to performances by well-known artists. Well, more like students performing as well-known artists. This year students were serenaded by the musical talents of Pete Townshend, The Grateful Dead, Don McLean, and HAIM.

This year’s Cover Show, like almost everything else, was a different experience. It took place on Zoom on May 15. Hosted by the PSGA, the show was just over an hour long and saw five performances from talented Purchase students.

The show began with a prerecorded YouTube video of a group covering The Grateful Dead which lasted about 15 minutes.

Next came a live performance from CJ Hernandez, as he covered The Who’s “Pete Townshend.” Complete with a Union Jack background and Hernandez’s guitar skills, the performance went on for about 15 minutes. Hernandez finished the set with a final performance of “Pinball Wizard,” another Who classic.

The Rockstar Femmes took the stage, or rather the screen, next. Prerecorded videos of the group of four were shared of the group performing two songs, including “Black Sheep” from the movie Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

Micah Abrams came on next as Don McLean to perform live. Abrams rocked the screen with his guitar during the 13-minute set; leaving the 22 attendees after singing my personal favorite "American Pie."

The show ended with a 16-minute prerecorded performance by Daniel Tavares Zlock as HAIM.

Hopefully, these fan favorites will hit the stage rather than the screen next year at the Cover Show!



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