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What are Students Doing this Spring Break?

By Victoria Fennell

The clock tower in front of Student Services. Photo via Facebook

With winter quickly fading from memory and the weather getting warmer, students are looking forward to one of the season’s most popular college traditions.

Less than a week away, spring break will unburden students from their usual routine and give them the chance to escape campus for a few days.

“I’m going to Ireland by myself to visit a friend who is studying abroad,” said theater design and technology major Ali Caruso.

“I’m going on a cruise to the Bahamas and Florida with my mom, just us two,” said freshman playwriting and screenwriting major Layla Wilson.

While some students are looking forward to vacationing abroad, many others are simply excited to return home for the week and catch up with family and friends.

“I’m going to go back to Brooklyn to chill with my family and my friends that are coming back from their college stuff,” said freshman playwriting and screenwriting major Victoria Azarkina.

“I’m going to go home and see my family first, then we’re going to go to Miami for the second half of break,” said junior photography major Amber Yarter. “It’ll be good to get a break from everything.”

“I’m a commuter so I’m just going to be staying home probably, reading books,” said junior liberal studies major Kian Gorgoriam. “I’m going to catch up on some work not having to drive to campus.”

Freshman photography major Lauryn Desarden said she was most excited to “sleep and just not worry about assignments.” Desarden added that she was looking forward to being with friends that she has not seen because she has been too busy with school.

“I think I’m going to be in the city painting all week,” said freshman painting and drawing major Noah Boulton.

Without any classroom obligations many students are looking forward to getting a well deserved rest from the stress of the semester.

“I am really happy with the way my semester is going, so that's good but I need a break,” said junior art history major Natalia Hryniuk. “The past two weeks have been a bit hectic with work and exams. I value some alone time in life and I haven’t been getting that.”



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