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The Panthers Weekday Forecast 11/13-11/19

Updated: Nov 18

By: Josiah Acheampong

Between cooler-than-average temperatures to start the week, to a late week warm up, Purchase College and the local area are in for quite the temperature rollercoaster. We have approached the time of year where you bundle up in the mornings, lose a layer or two in the afternoon, then grab your jacket for any evening activities. How warm will it get by the end of the week? Read below to find out.


NOV. 13, 2023


Morning: Take your wins where you can. While wake-up temperatures are in the upper are still chilly in the upper 20s and low 30s, temperatures will be slightly warmer overall compared to the previous two days. However, this does not mean it is time to put the jacket away; temperatures will remain chilly in the morning and throughout the rest of the day.

Afternoon: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the day will have a mix of sun and a few clouds. Even with the presence of sun, temperatures will once again struggle to reach 50 degrees in many locations. While many areas in the Northeast are past peal fall foliage, some locations in New York City are peaking and deserve to be appreciated before it's officially gone.

Evening: Like past nights, daytime heating will not last too long. With limited, if any cloud cover, much of our heating will rise into space, cooling our temperatures down. This means any late-night walks or traveling outdoors should be done with a jacket or winter weather clothing accessory. However, be on the lookout as progressively slightly warmer days are ahead.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)


NOVEMBER 14, 2023


Morning: Do not be fooled by the morning sunshine, wake-up temperatures will be in the mid-30s once again. The day will start with a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures will respond accordingly. It may be best to grab a jacket and hat as you head out to start your day.

Afternoon: Temperatures will struggle to reach 50 degrees, thanks to a Northwestern breeze; keeping temperatures slightly cooler than average. Winds can gust up to 25-35mph with the strongest winds near coastal areas. This will also make temperatures feel colder than what the thermometer reads. So, try to stay in the sun when you are outside so you can stay as warm as possible while walking across campus.

Evening: With a sunset of 4:39 p.m., temperatures will decrease quickly as we head into the evening hours. Temperatures will return to the upper 30s as daytime heat leaves without the help of cloud cover. If you have any evening plans, keep warm as temperatures will not be.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)


NOVEMBER 15, 2023


Morning: Another morning where you head out of the house, and you may find some frost developing on your car. If you can, give yourself some extra time to warm up your car before starting your morning commute. With partly cloudy skies, it will allow temperatures the opportunity to moderate throughout the day.

Afternoon: Like yesterday, temperatures will struggle to reach 50 degrees. Heading into the afternoon, winds can increase slightly making it feel cooler than it is. A jacket will be needed as the day progresses. However, get prepared for a break as milder weather is on the way tomorrow.

Evening: If you plan to head out this evening, be sure to bundle up. Temperatures will fall into the upper 30s. However, temperatures will not free-fall into the low 30s like the nights before. Temperatures with the help of a southwest wind will hover near 40 for an evening low temperature.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)


NOVEMBER 16, 2023


Morning: Like the past few mornings, wake-up temperatures will be in the upper 30s. It's becoming clear that we are in the time of year where mornings you will need to bundle up before walking out the door, have a sweater and a long-sleeved shirt in the afternoon, and finally bringing back the jacket and hat combo for the evening commute home.

Afternoon: Thanks to the southwestern breeze, it allows milder temperatures to enter the area and give us a brief break from the seasonally cooler-than-average temperatures. However, this milder temperature swing will only last two days, so be sure to enjoy it. Temperatures will peak out in the upper 50s and low 60s throughout the tri-state area. With a combination of sun and clouds, it will feel quite pleasant and tranquil, especially if you want to do some outdoor activities during the day.

Evening: No surprises here. Evening temperatures will drop into the low 40s across much of the region. While it still may be cool outside, it will be a break from the widespread evening temperatures in the 20s and 30s of a few days ago.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)


NOVEMBER 17, 2023


Morning: The last morning of the work week yields a warmer treat. Wake-up temperatures will hover in the low to mid-40s. With a mix of sun, clouds, and a warmer southerly breeze, temperatures will be even higher than yesterday. Grab a light jacket before heading out to start your day.

Afternoon: With the help of some afternoon sun, temperatures will moderate to above-average highs in the low 60s. However, it will not remain sunny all day. There will be a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day. Overall, it will feel like a pleasant day, making it quite relaxing.

Evening: With a storm off the coast and a cold front to our west, clouds will begin to build during the evening. Do not rule out the possibility of a pop-up shower in the area. With the clouds in place, they will act like a blanket helping to keep some of the daytime heating in place. This means, while there may be a passing shower or two, no need to bundle up and wrap up like burrito during the evening hours as evening temperatures remain mild in the low 50s.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)

Hope you didn’t put those jackets and hats too far away; colder air is on the way and will make its presence known. With temperatures reaching the mid-60s during the end of the work week, the weekend will definitely be a shock to the system. After some morning showers and the last gasp of warmer temperatures, cooler air will quickly move into the area throughout the day on Saturday. This will set up colder than average temperature swing that will require winter attire.


NOV. 18, 2023


Morning: If you’re an early riser during the weekend, you may experience a brief passing shower as a cold front shifts eastward. Along with moisture, the cold front will also usher in colder air on the back end of it. Temperatures will drop from the middle 50s overnight into the upper 40s by daybreak. However, the morning will be met with cloud over.

Afternoon: With clouds attempting to clear out as the front moves further offshore and the sun peeking out, temperatures will briefly rebound into the low 50s. However, as the day continues, a northwestern wind will make temperatures feel colder than the actual thermometer reading. Expect wind gusts between 25-35 mph at times, blowing leaves around and other loose items around.

Evening: As we head into the evening, temperatures will continue their descent into the low and mid-30s. For those with any evening plans, it will be best to bundle up as nights will no longer be as mild as they have been the last few evenings.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)


NOV. 19, 2023


Morning: With wake-up temperatures in the low and mid 30s, and winds still gusting, the morning will feel quite blustery. Any morning outdoor plans will definitely require layers. Whether it be a sporting event or simply going to breakfast, it will be bitter outside.

Afternoon: Similar to last weekend, temperatures will struggle to leave the 40s as another batch of cold Canadian air seeps into the area. While the thermometer may be close to 50 degrees, with winds still blowing across the tristate, it will feel five to ten degrees colder than the actual temperature.

Evening: Without the help of any clouds, any daytime heating will return to space leaving us with flat-out cold evening temperatures. With winds beginning to subside, it may not feel that much colder than the actual temperature reading. However, temperatures alone are enough to make it feel cold out. Temperatures will easily dip into the 30s.

(Photo by: Josiah Acheampong)

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